About Us

Medical Center Diagnostics was founded in 1998 with a physician directed goal of improving diagnostic imaging services on the Northshore.

Hospital based radiology services have historically had Emergency Department responsibility as a priority. Subsequent scheduling problems for out-patient procedures were common place. Also, technologic advances in imaging have greatly accelerated in recent years. Medical Center Diagnostics committed to bring these new modalities to our area.

In 1998, a new diagnostic technology, Open MRI had recently been developed. The Hitachi Open MRI device was selected for purchase. The front 2,500 square feet of the existing 7,000 square foot warehouse of the property was converted to Open MRI of the Northshore. The service opened in 12/98 and was immediately successful. Within this original imaging center, a conference room was built. Over many months, meetings were held by physicians interested in developing an outpatient surgery center. Fairway Medical Center was created and opened in 2000. It was built contiguous to the imaging center. In 2002 Fairway Medical Center underwent conversion to a surgical hospital.

In 2002, a major expansion of the facility was done, converting Open MRI of the Northshore to a 12,000 square foot imaging center. The name was changed to Medical Center Diagnostics. Their services now include CT scan, Digital X-ray, Ultrasound, Bone Density, Digital Mammography, and Open MRI.

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Booking an appointment at our office is as easy as calling 985.809.0000


Combined, our physicians have over half a century of practical experience. They are ready to put it to action for you!

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While we will attempt to accommodate your schedule as best as we can our flexibility depends on previously schedule appointments. In emergency cases we accept weekend bookings.

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Our reasonable cash prices have made thousands of people smile, instilling comfort in the procedures we have performed.

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